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In Provence,  in the town of Carpentras, France, Guintrand has been making canned fruits and vegetables from regional agricultural production for over one hundred years.

In 1898, company founder Paul Guintrand canned his first products in a workshop he set up in the family home, located in the village of Caromb, on the slopes of Mont Ventoux.

The resources at his disposal were typical of the era – the traction power of a horse drove the press which crushed the tomatoes into thick purée…

In 1910, Paul Guintrand decided to move to the bigger town of Carpentras in order to be closer to the railroad line and to the production centre where the tin cans were made, thus freeing himself from the constraint of having to transport the tin cans, which of course at the time was done by horse-drawn wagon. His new production plant was modern, with electricity and steam power – a real revolution!

Since that time, the expertise and competence of the teams working for Guintrand have continuously perfected the principle of quality which has always driven the firm.

As of 2008, four generations of the Guintrand family have successively run the firm, perpetuating the spirit of solidarity that characterises the cannery. Guintrand has remained a family-run company, loyal to its quality commitments and proud to carry on the Provencal culinary traditions.